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Yorkshire Coast families invited to talk about organ donation

NHS Blood and Transplant says these conversations are still vital

Author: Karen LiuPosted on September 25, 2021
Last updated on September 25, 2021

During organ donation week, the NHS Blood and Transplant urges people on the Yorkshire coast to talk to their families about organ donation.

Only 52 people in North Yorkshire managed to undergo organ transplants last year and around 120 are still on the waiting list this year.

For East Riding, around 37 people are waiting for a transplant and only 14 received a new organ last year.

After a most difficult year for the NHS and people around the world, waiting lists for organs including kidneys, heart, liver and lungs are set to increase and the NHS Blood and Transplant is calling for more families to talk about and share their organ donation decision. to increase the chances of the many children, youth and adults who need their own saving call.

Anthony Clarkson, Director of Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation at NHS Blood and Transplant, says:

“Every day across the UK, thousands of patients and their families await this vital call. Yet this is often only possible because another family receives some of the most difficult news they might have to hear.

“Even though the organ donation law has changed to a withdrawal system for adults in England, Scotland and Wales, it is important for people to know that families will always be consulted prior to donation. organs.

“It’s just as important as ever to let your family and friends know about your organ donation decision and let them know what will happen to you in the event of your death.

“We urge all family members of all ages in the Eastern Region to take a moment this organ donation week to speak up and share your decision.”

Health and Social Affairs Secretary Sajid Javid said:

“Waiting for an organ match can be a difficult and isolating experience, and I want to commend Harmonies of Hope for their bravery in sharing such powerful stories of transplants that have saved lives.

“It is essential that we do everything possible so that no child feels invisible while waiting for a game, especially families from under-represented ethnic minority communities where donation rates are not high.

“That can change and I urge families across the country to have honest and frank conversations this week about organ donation. It’s a decision that could save someone’s life.

For more information or to register your organ donation decision, please visit: or call 0300 123 23 23. Users of the NHS app can also use the service to register, verify or update their organ donation decision.

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