Vox: Why did you decide to become a regular blood donor?

Facts about blood donation

• You can give blood every 56 days.

• Plasma and platelet donations are collected every two weeks and are done in the same way as regular blood donations, however, booking for specialist donations such as these is essential.

• Platelet and plasma donations are universal and can be used for all patients regardless of their blood type.

• Specialized donations are used in particular for oncology patients.

• Donors of blood groups A and AB are particularly encouraged to donate platelets and plasma.

• The blood donation centers have a monthly target of 60 specialized donation units.

• Regular blood donation boosts immunity because new red blood cells are generated every 56 days.

For more information or to become a blood donor, visit the Benoni South African National Blood Service at 42 Fourteenth Avenue, Northmead.

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