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Starmer’s ‘horrible toe’ pro-union blood donor analogy sparks backlash

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Keir Starmer speaking at the Labor Party Conference

Keir Starmer sparked a furious reaction by making a “horrible” analogy with a blood donor when he advocates for the union.

Speaking in Brighton, the Labor chief at Westminster said a Welsh woman donating blood “does not demand assurance that he does not have to go to an English patient”.

The comments were described by independence supporters as “terrible” as well as “offensive” and “utterly horrible”.

It has also been suggested that Starmer does not understand devolution because the Welsh Blood Service, which is part of the European Blood Alliance, has been around since 1997. This means that the blood of Wales already crosses international borders.

In his speech at the Labor Party conference in Brighton, Keir Starmer said: “Gordon Brown said recently: ‘When a Welsh or Scottish woman gives blood, she does not demand assurance that he does not have to. go to an English patient ”.

“I am delighted that Gordon is leading our commission to shape the future of the union.

“And I know Gordon thinks that if you look past the pathetic attempts of the Conservatives to divide us in a culture war, you can see a tolerant and progressive nation that we can be proud of.”

Welsh social media expert Owen Williams said: ‘This is the craziest * argument for * the UK union that I have heard in a long time. Is Keir Starmer okay?

Tegid Roberts said: “The Welsh Blood Service has been around since 1997 as part of decentralization. He has no idea of ​​devolution.

Richard Martin said: “It’s just a terrible analogy that Mr. Starmer inexplicably used in this context. Welsh blood donations cross all European borders where international agreements are in place. It has nothing to do with the rescue or the threat of the British union. Just nonsense.

Professor Mark Barry said: “Is it real! ? @UKLabour why would constitutional change force us to make it more difficult for compassionate cooperation between nations? Blood has nothing to do with self-determination based on values ​​and principles. Unlike #brexit which was partly based on ethno-nationalism.

‘Very terrible’

SNP strategist Ross Colquhoun said: “It says a lot about the little work that understands why people support independence in Scotland. Quite awful.

SNP MP John Nicholson said: “This is horrible. Some blood? Truly? What the hell is he thinking?

Professor Tanja Bueltmann, chair of international history at Strathclyde University, said: “It was offensive when Gordon Brown argued this in a misjudged article. For Starmer, citing this in his speech today is even worse.

“I don’t know who is advising him on Scotland, but constantly making implications that actually insult the Scots who support independence is a bad look.”

Plaid Cymru advisor Aaron Wynne said: “As a Welsh nationalist who regularly donates blood I call bulls ** t.

“Wales also became the first country in the UK to introduce a ‘opt-out’ model for organ donation. For * anyone * on the waiting list.

Jon Barnes said: “The more I think about it, the crazier it is. The Welsh Blood Service is one thing, suppose it relates to the decentralized Welsh NHS sites. Which, assuming Keir understands devolution, means he knowingly ties blood and nationality together outside of the context of “How does blood donation work.” “

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