Son inspired to become a blood donor after his mother’s cancer treatment encourages others to donate for new NHS campaign It’s amazing – NHS Blood Donation


Andrew Leeming, 51, is a regular blood donor at the Lancaster Blood Donor Center, where 696 more appointments have been added for November as part of a new NHS campaign to

encourage more donors to come forward.

It comes as it was revealed that 2,721 fewer donors in Lancaster donated blood at the height of the pandemic.

Register now to our public service bulletins – get the latest news on Coronavirus

Register now to our public service bulletins – get the latest news on Coronavirus

Andrew Leeming, 51, from Cleveleys, is a regular blood donor at the Lancaster Blood Donor Center

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About 4,400 dedicated donors made regular donations to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Ashton Road, last year, up from over 7,100 the year before.

When Andrew’s mother fell seriously ill with cancer, blood and platelet transfusions were part of her treatment.

Andrew said: “That’s what reminded me of the simple gift of giving blood. Mom had donated blood over 50 times, so I wanted to do the same and give something back.

“An hour of your time is nothing compared to the impact each donation has on the patient. You never know when you – or someone you know, love and cherish – may be on the

recipient. My mom didn’t give to receive and neither did I, but I now encourage anyone who wants to listen to donate, as long as they are fit, healthy, and able to do so.

Andrew is aiming to hit the 100 donation mark someday, and his favorite post-donation snack is a bag of ready-to-eat salted crisps.

He added, “I love to donate – I’ve never had a bad experience and all the staff are so caring, careful and smiling.

“If you’re fit and healthy it’s a simple thing to do, and most amazingly, it literally saves lives. If that’s not enough, why not just consider it as an insurance policy in case you get sick and need to

saving red juice!

Demand for blood has now returned to pre-pandemic levels and could increase over the next few months as hospitals continue to catch up with their activity.

A new campaign called This Is Amazing – NHS Blood Donation has been launched by the NHS and will run for six weeks.

There is a particular need to recruit more black donors to help treat patients with sickle cell disease, which is the fastest growing genetic blood disease in the UK, as well as new donors with Sickle Cell Disease.

O negative blood, which is the universal type and is often used for medical emergencies.

Helen Duggan, deputy director of donation campaigns at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “Maintaining a safe and regular supply of blood to hospitals is our top priority. Through the most

critical moment of the pandemic, this was achieved thanks to a loyal club of existing donors – the smallest of the 21st century.

“As hospitals catch up on routine care, we face a critical crossroads in meeting the increased demand for blood and are calling on new donors in Lancaster to step up and join this initiative. .

amazing group of people saving lives.

Become a blood donor. Register today and make an appointment by visiting, downloading the GiveBloodNHS app or calling 0300 123 23 23.

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