Renting an Apartment: Things to Know

The cost of living in Florida is about 8% less than the national average of the United States. Apartments are easy to find and rent, with plenty of options for students, families, and seniors alike. They may comprise simple studios or multiple bedrooms, being diverse in design and functionality. Apartments in happy valley OR are typically very open space and modern; and luxury complexes may have swimming pools available for their residents. This resort style living is appealing and complementary to the cultural attractions of Florida and its natural scenery. There are also many low income rental options, leaving your choices wide open.

Renting apartments in happy valley OR can be intimidating, especially if you are new to the housing scene, for example being a student or school leaver. But it is a cheaper alternative if you cannot afford to buy instead. The new terminology can be confusing and without a solid understanding of who you are handing over your money to, you can quickly get into trouble.

A lease is the legally binding contract between you and the apartment’s landlord (the person who you are paying rent to). It is important to read through the lease before signing, taking note of the tenancy period and expiry date. It could pay to get someone to properly read through it for you so you don’t fall into any traps like automatically renewing leases.

Renter’s insurance is not always necessary when renting an apartment, but is advisable. Some landlords require that you get insured before signing their lease. Renter’s insurance protects all of your contents and personal belongings, but not the apartment itself. This means if your things get damaged or lost then they can be paid for by the insurance company.

Once you have found your ideal apartment and have ensured that it has everything you need, make sure you get a good idea of what you are paying for when paying rent. This means that you won’t end up with unexpected expenses in utility or power bills. The landlord does not necessarily always pay for maintenance such as small general repairs, so ask them what you will be typically paying each month. Before paying, be sure to alert the landlord of any damages to the apartment that were there previously so they can be repaired before you settle in, or it could end up being you that pays for them.

There tends to be an initial deposit you need to make so the landlord can be sure that you will be able to keep paying rent. Know your landlord! You need to be handing your money over to someone reliable.

If you are sharing with flat mates it’s important to find someone trustworthy who you know can pay their share of rent and can stick to basic rules. When moving in, establish boundaries and set basic rules for an undisruptive period of tenancy. If something goes wrong, they need to be able to take responsibility.

Being prepared is the most important part of renting an apartment!

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