Mangaluru: AJ Blood Center celebrates World Blood Donor Day –

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Mangaluru, June 20:The The AJ Blood Center celebrated World Blood Donor Day on June 18.

The function took place after three years due to the Covid pandemic. Dr. Kishore Kumar, District Health Officer (DK) was the chief guest at the ceremony. Dr. Aravind P gave an informative lecture on “Simplified Answers to Common Questions in Transfusion Medicine” in which he dispelled all the myths about blood donation services.

The AJ Blood Center has also launched the Voluntary Blood Donor Identity Card which will help all donors keep their blood type information in their pockets, which may be needed in an emergency. This initiative is a first of its kind in this part of the world. Dr. Kishore Kumar commended AJ Blood Center for helping the community even with challenges faced regarding donor recruitment, ethical and moral issues.

Dr. Prashanth Marla, Medical Director of AJ Hospital and Research Center briefed the assembly on the modernization of blood transfusion services and the need for safe blood transfusion. NABH Blood Bank accredited the AJ Blood Center about 5 years ago and is the first and only blood center in Mangaluru and the sixth in Karnataka to have this distinction.

Single-donor platelets by apheresis technology are available at AJ Blood Center which uses continuous flow technology to separate platelets, which is unique and only available at this blood center. AJ Blood Center is the only blood center that provides leukodepleted blood products and irradiated blood products which are an essential part of narrow bone transplant services and other organ transplant procedures. The AJ Blood Center Sterile Connection Device provides blood products without microbial contamination for safe transfusion practices.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from PR Gopalkrishna, Quality and Technical Manager, AJ Blood Centre.

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