Kisharon thanks donors after huge fundraising effort succeeds

A charity for people with learning disabilities has raised over £1.65million in one weekend alone to enable its work to thrive.

Kisharon received a massive response to his call for support during his fundraising weekend, May 15-16, to ensure the charity can fund its essential services.

Its worst funding crunch is set to continue due to chronic underfunding and the cost of living crisis.

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Kisharon raised the amount in 36 hours with the help of Charity Extra – and all donations will be matched through generous matching funding for a total of £2.2million required.

The Jewish organization Kisharon provides children and adults with learning disabilities with a rich and diverse education and employment. It has social enterprises and assisted living programs, to enable individuals “to thrive, learn, grow and feel valued in the community”.

Richard Franklin and Shloimy

After a very busy 36 hours, Chief Executive Richard Franklin said: “Everyone involved with Kisharon understands how important learning disability support is and the need to close the funding gap that unfairly exists for people with complex learning needs. I can’t thank all the champions on the team enough for their wonderful generosity and the incredible spirit of support they and the donors showed Kisharon during this year’s fundraising appeal. I have been privileged to be part of a caring community of people with learning disabilities and the Kisharon family will thrive thanks to all of you”.

Chronic underfunding is expected to persist for social services for the learning disabled community which, combined with the cost of living crisis, means that funding pressures are greater than ever.

Mr Franklin added: ‘The success of the campaign shows how our community wants to ensure that every member prospers without fear or favor and that we can retain and even increase the donations we have received during the cost of living crisis. , to a third year of online fundraising speaks volumes about the Jewish priority that our Jewish community is proud to support.

One of the 168 campaign teams was created by students from Kisharon College.

The students had a variety of sessions at the university about how Kisharon ran the charity and they independently chose to fundraise. By creating their own page on the computer and agreeing on a goal, the students pulled out all the stops to promote their page and fantastically raised over £26,000!

Aviva Braunold, College Manager said, “I am blown away. People have been so supportive and generous. We did not expect to reach this point. The students created their own page and agreed on a goal of 10,000.

“Student initiative, hard work and drive are things we can all learn from. They feel so proud and have such a sense of accomplishment to have more than doubled their goal.

Student Shloimy joined the general manager, Richard Franklin, at Kisharon’s head office and helped make phone calls to team leaders to thank them.

Shloimy was so inspired and said, “I would love to be an assistant general manager.”

Mr Franklin shared: “Shloimy has a fantastic way of telephoning and loved talking to people so much.”

Student Pini also joined the head office and shared the thrilling countdown as Kisharon approached his goal alongside team leaders and participants.

Carolyn Rozenberg, Director of Fundraising, said, “We are so grateful for the incredible commitment of our champions and their desire to support people with learning disabilities. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our community and thank you so much to all donors. Thank you for your incredible generosity and dedication. The people we support will continue to learn, grow, prosper and thrive.

Kisharon’s attention now turns to completing a set of fundraising challenges to raise more funds for the £2.2million. The challenges included the Maccabi Fun Run, the London Bridges Walk and a day of golf.

Donations can still be made to:

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