Jeena celebrates World Blood Donor Week with the sole purpose of saving a life

Jeena celebrates World Blood Donor Week with the sole purpose of saving a life |

Mumbai, June 16, 2022….Jeena & Company, a young 122-year-old freight forwarding and logistics organization, organizes blood drives every year, except for 2 years during the pandemic, i.e. in 2020 and 2021. This week , as part of World Blood Donor Day, Jeena once again held a blood donation camp in Mumbai. More than 65% of employees participated, except those unable to donate due to medical conditions or low hemoglobin. This is an entirely voluntary exercise and the employees are very proud to be part of this social dynamic for the benefit of others. And this is only due to the conscious conviction to do something for society. Blood donation camps in Jeena are carried out in collaboration with Masina Hospital Trust, Byculla.

Jeena believes in supporting the community in the best possible way and since blood is the most precious gift one can give to another person – the gift of life, apart from other social activities , Jeena organizes the annual blood donation drive, which brings the organization together and promotes a cause that saves lives.

This kind of initiative allows employees to do charitable acts, to help the community. However, since they are in the middle of work and taking on personal day-to-day responsibilities, they don’t have enough time. This is where Jeena creates an opportunity where employees can participate in social activities during working hours and make a difference to society.

As Mrs. Lucky Kulkarni, Group HR Manager, Jeena & Company, says: “When employees come to donate blood, they are happy because they know that this blood is going to help someone somewhere and save lives. Generosity for itself creates a more compassionate workforce. When employees come together for a social cause, they can have a bigger impact. By helping others, employees gain intangible benefits, i.e. feelings of peace, pride and purpose. These feelings translate into a more fulfilled life and a better performance in life, whether at work or at home. When people experience this positivity, they are more likely to continue giving and participating in other ways as well, and this happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment is reflected in their office work as well. The world is better when people have a purpose and more so a purpose of social responsibility.

Jeena’s contribution to healthcare using logistics support during Covid

During the pandemic, from early March 2020 until the recent past, when many parts of the world were in lockdown and the roads were empty, people were locked in their homes for fear of contracting Covid and losing their lives. However, Jeena employees, being part of one of India’s largest logistics organizations, were all at airports/seaports working overtime, handling multiple shipments and clearing essential commodities. i.e. medicines, vaccines, blood samples, PPE kit, etc. without even thinking once that they can get infected too, mainly because they thought these products would help patients and doctors somewhere in the world and save lives. Jeena employees were united and fearless because they had one purpose, one mission to save lives like a true Corona Warrior. This can only happen to an employee when they are involved in the act of giving regularly, which resonates with how we organize blood drives each year. The act of giving comes naturally to all of our employees. The culture of the organization for the past 122 years fosters a sense of selfless contribution from owners who silently contribute to society in their own way. And this is reflected at all levels of the organization. Being in logistics with almost 2000 employees across the country and a lot of support staff, we are very proud to share this responsibility with all the companies in our group to have an impact on the society in which we live.

Jeena & Company is an end-to-end logistics service provider with a network of 27 locations serving over 320 locations across India and a reach of partners in 80 global destinations. As one of the youngest logistics brands and leading freight forwarder for the past 122 years, Jeena caters to a wide range of industries, through its specialist subsidiaries, which reflect the focus and approach business customer. Ranging from time and temperature sensitive supply chain management for pharmaceuticals and life sciences, to custom storage, assembly and last mile logistics for leading brands across all sectors, Jeena offers unparalleled services in air and ocean freight, exports and imports, last mile deliveries, specialized or 3PL warehousing, door to door, pick and pack as well as key value-oriented services such as customs clearance and shipping as well as documentation, for Indian and international customers. Founded in 1900 by co-founders Pallonji Katgara and Jamshedji Dastoor, Jeena has played a pivotal role in the growth and evolution of India’s logistics and supply chain industry. Over the past 11 decades, the company has introduced several industry-first innovations and services. Today, the company is one of the largest domestic customs brokers in the country and is also working to dematerialize documentation for its international and domestic clients. In addition to the current network, Jeena recently inaugurated its office in Melbourne, Australia, and aims to strengthen its positions in the UK, European and African markets, in order to become a truly global company with a strong international supply chain network. Visit us at

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