Infobip enters into a new fundraising partnership to help families in need

Kuwait Association for Needy Families (KANF)’s use of Infobip’s Conversations, Responses and Moments aims to create exciting new ways for the organization to secure funding for those in need through communication. transparent, prompt and timely.

Using the region’s most popular communication channel, WhatsApp, to facilitate communication with KANF donors and families in need, Infobip’s intersection of services will optimize the engagement and fundraising process. for all stakeholders.

With Infobip Answers, donors can receive information on how to contribute via their phone, while donors and recipients have access to 24/7 answers on FAQs and share updates. . Thanks to conversations, KANF will now be able to respond to special requests from families and donors via a chatbot. Through Moments, KANF will be able to reach its donors locally and regionally through many channels such as SMS, email and WhatsApp to promote KANF’s charitable programs and how to connect with KANF to deposit donations.

On the other hand, families will now be able to contact KANF, submit funding requests, and receive timely updates and feedback on the status of their applications and inquiries.

KANF is also keen to highlight how they plan to further engage their audience by adopting an AI chatbot to further facilitate communication with their donors and families in need. Additionally, by creating targeted campaigns and reaching affected communities on their favorite chat apps, all with the overall goal of closing the gap between donors and families in need.

“Kuwaiti Association for Needy Families is always keen to bridge the gap between donors and needy families. We have adopted the best communication platforms from Infobip to facilitate the donation process and provide exceptional service to families in need. We are currently adopting chatbot – Answers, live agent platform – Conversations and donation campaign automation solution – Moments to reach donors locally in Kuwait and regionally across GCC to raise funds to forever support families in need, through a wide range of communication channels like WhatsApp, social media, SMS and email,” explained Bader Al Mubarak, President of the Kuwait Association for Needy Families.

“Digital transformation is integral to the growth of charities. Through the adoption of technology and full use of social media channels, KANF will be able to better engage with donors, recipients and the community at large, making the process more personalized and more effective,” said Tamer Moustafa, account manager at Infobip.

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