Family urges people to confirm organ donation decision two years after law changed

Niam’s story

Niamh Radosavljevic’s family has more reason than most to understand the new system.

Sadly, in September 2021, 25-year-old Niamh began to feel unwell at home in Liverpool and texted her mum, asking her to come home.

Although she was rushed to hospital, Niamh suffered a severe stroke and the medical team could do nothing to save her.

Amid the pandemic, Niamh’s family was initially unable to accompany her to the hospital, but once it became clear that Niamh would not recover, the team was able to take arrangements for his parents, Branco and Carole, and his close friend, Fabian, to spend precious days and nights by his side.

With Niamh falling ill so suddenly, the family didn’t have a chance to talk about her organ donation decision.

Yet when she was approached by specialist nurses about organ donation, the family believed that with her generous nature she would have been a great support.

Although Niamh did not register an organ donation decision, she continued to donate five precious organs, giving five patients a new chance at life.

Niamh with her mom, Carole at Christmas

Niamh’s mother, Carole, explains:

“Niamh was a kind, caring and health-conscious young woman who would do anything for anyone.

She brought so much joy to everyone who knew her. She always helped others to be their best.

“You suddenly find yourself going over all the snippets of conversations you’ve had over the years and even though we hadn’t had a specific conversation about organ donation, we knew she wanted to be able to help others. “

“We hope that by sharing our story, others will be encouraged to have the conversation.

“Talk with your family today, make sure you all know each other’s decision.

“Please just take a moment to have this conversation and make sure you know what everyone wants to happen.”

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