Environmentally Friendly Apartments

The environment is quickly becoming a growing concern facing today’s society. We know that we need to do something to at least delay the effects of global warming, but with the ambiguous facts and figures it is difficult to know exactly what we can do. As individuals it is hard to make a huge impact alone, but as communities we can have a much greater effect.

It has become increasingly important that we find a more sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle, and with the help of new approaches such as solar panels, or water efficient landscaping, we can enjoy more eco-friendly homes.

Some LEED certified apartments in the United States these days are built from bottom up to be energy conservative and provide a more clean and healthy lifestyle to their residents. Architects and engineers work together under standards given by building councils to produce green apartment designs that are also attractive and comfortable. Even during construction, waste is minimized by recycling and recycled materials are often used in the assembly of the buildings. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) sealants, paints and adhesives are typically used during construction.

Features are installed to both the landscape and apartment spaces in consideration of the environment. These may include drought tolerant landscaping as well as efficient irrigation systems that require low maintenance, thus cutting costs further while reducing wasteful water usage. Low flow water fixtures and energy efficient lighting as well as low energy certified appliances are fitted into the apartments which reduce cost and energy usage. The materials used including reflective roofing or solar panels and dual pane windows also help keep the apartments cool or warm as required, thus reducing the need for air conditioning cutting further unnecessary energy costs.

Every thought goes into creating a better, healthier quality way of life, with air ventilation or filters being fitted, energy efficient air conditioning and heating, adjustable thermostats, and in some cases gas monitors to ensure the air being breathed is healthy and fresh.

Not only this, but apartment managers often encourage their residents to engage in eco-friendly initiatives such as carpooling or bike riding, which reduce carbon emissions in other ways. Recycling and composting, as well as shared washing facilities are often adopted by most apartment complexes. Steps are also often taken to inform the community about and increase awareness of environmentally friendly living.

Eco-Oaks are a new, eco-friendly complex of apartments in happy valley OR those are cost effective and provide a green way of living to their residents. They were refurbished from an abandoned vacant building and follow the strict regulations of the US Green Building Council. They differ from most other apartments in happy valley OR due to the facilities they have including rain barrels and solar panel units, as well as making sure each living space is equipped with energy efficient appliances. Residents living there can save hundreds of dollars per year on electric bills. Eco-Oaks are a good example of innovative apartment living that can lead us into a greener future.

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