Donors Prefer To Donate Directly Through A Charity’s Site, New Study Finds


THE last edition of the quarterly Enthuse Donor Pulse Research explores changing habits and attitudes towards charity, fundraising and giving over the past three months.

Feelings about fundraising

The good news for charities is that there are signs that people are feeling more confident in everyday life, especially in terms of supporting charity events. In fact, 36% of people are likely to participate in a charity event in the next six months, a 7% increase from February.

The study indicates that participation could be further increased, with 36% of the public saying they would be more willing to participate in a mass participation activity if there was a virtual option. While there is still some apprehension about the events, there is a marked boost in confidence among the public – underscored by the high turnout in the London Marathon.

Direct donors

The end of most of Covid’s restrictions has resulted in increased opportunities for cash donations, but 49% of those under 40 would prefer to donate online, and only 27% would prefer to use cash. In total, 39% of the public donated online in the past three months.

Research shows the public wants to donate directly to charities – 67% of online donors say it’s their favorite way to give. This is especially important for charities, as direct donations through a cause’s website have greater value. The average digital donation is £ 34, but those directly through the site average £ 40.

81% of donors remember the charity’s name when donating through the organization’s site – only 60% do so when using a consumer donation platform. This means that supporters are 35% more likely to remember the name of the charity if they can donate through the website.

Commenting on the research, Chester Mojay-Sinclare, Founder and CEO of Enthuse, said:

“Value, Preference and Connection – three crucial ingredients for charities aiming to build long-term relationships with their supporters. The data tells us that there is a clear preference for donating directly through a charity’s website and that supporters donate more that way. This shows that charities should pay special attention to developing the main digital channels they own, such as their website. Long-term support is built with direct relationships with supporters, the best way to do this is to allow people to support them through their preferred method.

Closure of Virgin Money Giving

Research also found that only 11% of the public has heard that Virgin Money Giving is shutting down, even though 62% have heard of the platform. There has been a lot of noise in the area about the shutdown, but the reality is that most of the public has yet to hear about it. There is a job for charities to help their supporters understand that the shutdown is coming soon and what they want those supporters to do.

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