Apartment Sizes: Do I Really Know What I Want?

The size of apartments for rent these days are known to vary depending on the type of apartment you are looking for that ideally suits your needs. Different people have many different preferences and it is up to the property manager to include as much of these choices so the apartment hunter will have more options to pick, choose and refuse from. Apartments are commonly called Communions, Lofts, Efficiencies or Studios. But do you really know what these terms really mean? Are they different or similar? And does it appeal to your personality? Let’s explain these types so you will be able to wisely decide whether these apartments in happy valley OR are worth the buck.

Communal apartments are those in which more than one family resides. Each family has their own room and they share the use of the hallways, kitchen, bathroom and telephone if any. These are not as popular as they once were but still quite common. These living arrangements are usually catered for people who need a place to stay, but don’t mind sharing certain facilities and pooling their monetary earnings together to pay for their rent and utilities.

Efficiencies sometimes called “quads” are the smallest of the four types of apartments in happy valley OR. These apartments generally come quite compacted as it contains a small kitchen, the bedroom in the same room and a small bathroom. These small apartments tend to attract young adults who require to start living on their own or retired seniors on a budget. If you are a person that has a liking for a small and cozy place to live, then efficiencies are your best choice.

Studios are quite different from the efficiencies as these are a little more spacious although studios offer the same kitchen and bedroom in the same room. It differs from the efficiencies because it has a separate bathroom which is not offered in efficiencies. Studio apartments are in most instances to cater to students near universities, retired senior individuals and young persons who desire to live a simple life that at the same time is still inexpensive.

Loft apartments are big spacious apartments that were built within a former industrial space. This apartment is very spacious with high ceilings. It contains a full size kitchen, floor to ceiling windows that provide adequate light, and a spacious room to sleep, eat and entertain. This type of apartment appeal to persons who enjoy a well-lit, rustic to industrial charms on their living space would gladly opt to getting this apartment.

Apartments indeed vary by size and hence the prices will vary. But before you go on your search for your ideal apartment do some investigations. Visit the area, do not limit yourself to web search only. Tour the property, find out if this area would be the best place for you to live and then reevaluate the information learnt here then make your decision. Owning your space is amazing but know what your heart and mind desire and then go hunting because there are always apartments for rent, you just need to find the right one.

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